Master Debaters Masticate: Gannett Infographic Edition

There was once a time in my life when I used to enjoy reading USA Today. But then I graduated from middle school.

So, it’s notable that today’s Today captured my eye, during a short break at work, with this headline on the front page, above the fold :


Are we really doing this USA Today?  Survey says: “yes!”

According to a new study by the grammar-checking app Grammarly, supporters commenting on Democratic candidates’ Facebook pages made an average of 4.2 mistakes per 100 words compared to 8.7 mistakes for supporters of Republican candidates. The Democratic supporters also showed a larger vocabulary, using on average 300 unique words per 1,000 words, while Republicans used only 245.

The trend is starker when broken out by candidate: The five Democratic candidates — Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and Hillary Clinton — all get better Facebook grammar scores (in that order) than every Republican except Carly Fiorina, whose supporters posted the best grammar scores of any GOP candidate, tying her with Clinton.

Of the entire field, Chafee supporters are most grammatical (while also being rarest), making 3.1 errors per hundred words. Trump supporters are far more numerous but most grammatically challenged, racking up 12.6 boo-boos per hundred words. Fiorina and Clinton meet in the middle at 6.3.

Personally, I find it surprising that there are Chafee supporters to score. I do not find it surprising at all that the trumpenproletariat might not be able to spell “proletariat.”

Incidentally, USA Today seems to be so fascinated with this that they ran almost the exact same story two months ago. And in that early survey, yes, the Trump voters came out looking like jabronis.

(What does it tell you when even USA Today thinks you’re a moron?)



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