Horns Rally, Beat OU, I’ll Shut Up Now

This is what Texas Football looks like when it’s running on all four cylinders:

No. 10 Oklahoma was favored by as many as 17 points against Texas. The Longhorns were 1-4 and full of drama after losing by 43 points to a banged-up TCU the week prior. The unbeaten Sooners ranked No. 1 in the country according to a collection of ratings and the author you’re reading.

None of that mattered. Texas rarely appeared to be the younger or more turmoil-y team in a 24-17 victory, with Charlie Strong crowdsurfing at midfield. The Horns went up by 14 immediately, thanks only in part to OU’s offensive line tipping off play calls. The challenged Longhorn offense spread the ball around in its own way, with quarterbacks Jerrod Heard and Tyrone Swoopes splitting 26 carries and committing no major blunders, and the Texas defense had its most impressive day since at least 2014.

I have to admit, my expectations were so low I slept through the game, preferring an all-night binge of World of Warships.


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