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I went to Planned Parenthood once for an STD test.

They turned me into a newt…

…I got better!

The Austin-American Statesman:

Texas is gearing up for a full-fledged witch hunt.

The target is women’s health provider Planned Parenthood, and it is clear that lawmakers and state officials will not stop until the 94-year-old nonprofit is completely dismantled in Texas.

Last week ended with Planned Parenthood being put on notice that the state intended to strip the nonprofit of its ability to receive Medicaid reimbursement for health services, alleging that Planned Parenthood had “committed and condoned numerous acts of misconduct captured on video.”

Interestingly, the state has not yet produced any evidence to support its allegation that laws or policies were broken aside from the heavily edited videos taped in secret and released by an anti-abortion group called the Center for Medical Progress. The controversial fetal tissue program that has dominated the national headlines doesn’t even exist in Texas.

Even so, three days later, state health officials raided three Planned Parenthood offices and subpoenaed the group for thousands of documents, including detailed patient records.

Let me underscore this important fact.

Planned Parenthood’s Texas affiliates are not even engaged in the fetal donation program that was deemed scandalous by the con-artists at the CMP. And even if they were, that is not illegal or unethical.

Meanwhile, our benevolent federal overlords are not pleased with these recent reactionary shenanigans:

The Obama administration has warned state officials that pushing Planned Parenthood out of the state’s Medicaid program could put Texas at odds with federal law.

Officials with the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services contacted the state Medicaid director on Tuesday to give notice that removing Planned Parenthood from the program “may be in conflict with federal law” because poor women who obtain family planning services through Medicaid would be limited from receiving health care from the qualified provider of their choice.

“Longstanding Medicaid law prohibits states from restricting individuals with Medicaid coverage from receiving their care from any qualified provider,” a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services representative said in a statement. “Every year, millions of women benefit from critical preventive services, such as cancer screenings, that Planned Parenthood provides. State efforts to restrict women from using qualified providers puts these important health care services at risk.”

On a similar note… remember how the U.S. Army totally did not invade Texas and impose Kenyan muslim socialist atheist martial law?

Yeah. About that.

Thanks a lot for nothing, Obama.


A Pro-Life Movement, But Not THAT Pro-Life Movement

Alex Pareene, who is I think really too smart to meant this literally, has a controversial post today on Gawker entitled “The Gun Control Movement Needs It’s Own Pro-Life Fanatics“:

This doesn’t just mean marches and protests. It means constant marches and protests, and open and blatant harassment of your political opponents. It means protesting at the homes of gun manufacturing company executives and trying to shut down gun stores. It means very publicly making a scene at as many gun shops as possible, and personally attacking—verbally, but bordering on physically—people trying to enter those stores to legally purchase guns.

After all, the point of screaming at women outside a clinic isn’t to erect a legal barrier to abortion access, it’s to prevent that woman from getting an abortion, and to dissuade others from even considering it. It’s to prevent abortion from being considered a legitimate option. Aren’t there a couple thousand gun control activists out there passionate enough to want to stand outside gun shops and provoke confrontations with open-carry wingnuts?

It also means going all-in on gore. It means waving gruesome photos of dead children in the faces of Republican legislators, gun store owners, and gun manufacturers. This is where the conservatives shine. Good liberals are too squeamish to look past the police tape. They worry that if they focus, up close and without flinching, on the goriest details of the carnage, it’ll glorify violence, or worse, inspire future killers. Maybe, but it’ll also scare the shit out of future killers’ mothers before they fill their houses with guns, to feel safe.

. . .

If the gun control movement actually, really wants to change America’s gun culture, they will have to put the least reasonable and the least accommodating activists they can find in charge of directing the entire movement. In order to achieve a realistic outcome, the anti-gun movement needs to fight, passionately and vociferously, for an unrealisticgoal. Don’t campaign to expand background checks. Fight like hell to ban all private gun sales, and watch as expanded background checks becomes a politically palatable compromise. Keep fighting, and eventually “I support banning handgun ownership for everyone besides childless victims of domestic assault” becomes the politically palatable compromise position.

As I noted in my first post on this blog, I am deeply upset about the state of gun regulation in America today. I myself am a gun owner*  and also a former member of the NRA. I believe that gun ownership can be a rewarding and beneficial thing for society. But I also look at the now-weekly horror of mass shootings, as well as the many-times-a-day horror of “ordinary” homicides, accidental deaths and suicides. And I weep.

But if there’s anything — anything! — that makes me as angry as our national complacency with gun violence, it would be the chicanery, deception, and bullying of the anti-abortion movement in this country. To be sure, many pro-life Americans are sincere in their beliefs. Even many of the louder activists are OK people. But the movement as a whole is fostering an anti-intellectual, irrational atmosphere that breeds contempt for the law and hateful violence.

The last thing I want to see is people who are so amped up about gun control that they’re willing to shoot up a gun shop or murder firearm safety instructors.

* To be sure, it’s a 22LR pistol I use for target shooting — many gun rights advocates would probably recoil in horror at the lack of recoil and horror with my Sig Sauer Mosquito. When I took a concealed handgun course (mostly to learn about safety), I had to use a “bigger” gun (actually smaller, a Beretta compact 9mm) just to prove myself on the range. I never ended up getting my CCH because I don’t feel the need to do actually carry, and didn’t want to pay $200 for the license fee and fill out intrusive paperwork.